Alan Kausal is a writer and collector of songs.  He writes using different voices and styles, frequently tinged with a bit of jazz, but also showing his roots in folk and blues. He plays covers “from all over the the musical map,” as The Emergency Folk Singer, Jim Nason, once said in promoting a gig, for Alan, that Jim had booked.  He may play something “heavy deep and real” as former bandmate, Stan, used to say; and then break into a bouncing swing tune.  He may play his song “Django,” about one of his idols, Django Reinhardt; and then do a raggy version of “Sitting on Top of the World,” inspired by Doc Watson, another of his idols.

Alan has played music for a long time.  For the last 15 years or so, he has played mostly as a sideman with Seattle area bands/musicians, some known to Tumbleweed, such as Deb Seymoour and the Debonaires, The RooTsers, and Ailan, with fiddle player Isla Ross; but, a few years ago, he decided to go solo again to focus more on getting his songs into the ears of people that would appreciate them, like the great audiences at Tumbleweed.

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