Appaloosa are Singer/Songwriters Dottie and Eli Ashley, who invite you to enjoy their melodic, soulful and original music.  Whether performing as a Duo, Trio or larger configuration, they are classified as an “Americana” group.  The vibe is Folk and Country, and Appaloosa provides a soft and beautiful blend of sweet harmonies and enjoyable, easy-listening lyrics and beautiful guitar work. They are also known for their timely and evocative “socially conscious” songs, much in the vein of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, John Prine and Bob Dylan.

These two singers, Dottie and Eli Ashley, are both entertaining story tellers and have performed on stages at Festivals, throughout Central Oregon and venues in the Northwest, in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, breweries, farmers markets as well as fundraisers and benefits and private events. Their music is super family friendly, and they’ve been known to have a mosh pit of youngsters dancing along with the elders at many of Appaloosa’s outdoor performances!

Appaloosa definitely gives you fun with toe-tapping “old country” guitar tunes along with a contemporary Folk Artist feel.

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