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Kirpal Singh

The Blow-Ins


The Blow-Ins are Tom Canning and Dave Moul, who have been performing as a folk duo for about 8 years, based out of Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.  In non-Covid years during the tourist season (Mar-Oct), they are found playing nightly through out Dingle to locals and tourists alike.  In the off-season we have taken the opportunity to play festivals and venues on both coasts of the US, as well as in the Netherlands.

Thaddeus Spae


Thaddeus Spae is a songwriter and humorist from Seattle and longtime Tumbleweed participant. Thaddeus has been called the “Cole Porter of Vaudeville.” He plays guitar, harmonica, kazoo, guitar, banjo, ukulele and trombone.
So, on behalf of all of us at TMFVirtual 2020, please enjoy this performance from Thaddeus Spae.

Tania Opland and Mike Freeman


Tania Opland and Mike Freeman: Based in Ireland and Suquamish, WA, this English/Alaskan duo shares music from many times and places – medieval to Balkan to original and everything in between – with audiences around the world.  Tania and Mike are also half (with William Pint and Felicia Dale) of “Les Strompettes,” a band led by dual hurdy-gurdies!

During the pandemic lockdown, Tania and Mike have been sheltering with Tania’s Mother in Alaska, and releasing online video performances regularly.

Sun Shakers


The story of Sun Shakers began 6 years ago.

From Ireland, they are a 4-piece originals band who make music which they have coined as ‘psychedelic soul’. Psychedelic soul is a fusion of soul, rock, funk, hip-hop, folk, traditional Irish, electronic and world music. This is very much their USP and this unique sound gives them an authenticity that is not heard as much nowadays.

As a band they have released two records The Union(2016) and Back to Us(2019). Back to Us is the first part of their debut album, with part 2 following in early 2021. To date, singles from this record have reached over 150,000 streams with listeners reaching as far as the USA, Africa, Japan and India.

A touring band, Sun Shakers have spent the past few years perfecting their craft on Irish soil. In 2021, they plan to tour Europe, America, and Canada with the upcoming album.

For more on Sun Shakers please head to their website, or find them on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.

Steve & Kristi Nebel


Steve and Kristi Nebel(NEE-bell) bring passion, finesse, and beauty with their songs of social justice, knife edge observations, and pure, simple love.  They have traveled extensively having done nine tours in UK folk clubs and festivals.  They have recorded more than ten CDs, mostly of their own songs.  Kristi’s solo CD, for which she was nominated “western swing female performer of the year” in 2014 is a combination of western swing and Steve’s Americana songs.

The Nebels’ style is informed by a wealth of experience playing their instruments and lending their voices to the other for a blend that exceeds the sum of their two parts.

Spenser Carlson


Spencer Carlson is a singer songwriter based out of Seattle, Washington. Lyrically mused by despair, depression, and anxiety, while finding hope and relief, he sings over a bed of carefully chosen chords or arpeggiated progressions. He combines the feel of influences like Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, and Thurston Moore into songs that sounds original and unique.

Shanghaied on the Willamette


  • Concert:Saturday Night Concert
  • Stages:Saturday Night
  • Workshop:Shanty Sing

Shanghaied on the Willamette is the lively musical duo of Jonathan Lay and Gordy Euler. They perform songs and tunes “plundered from land and sea,” including traditional Celtic, English, and Old-Time American music, with an emphasis on songs of the sea and maritime music. These salty fellas are Headliners in the Saturday Night benefit concert for the third time, and led a Live Sea Shanty Singalong on Sunday night.



SeaStar is Adam “Captain” Chambers, Fae Wiedenhoeft (WEE-den-hauft), and Michael Falcone.  They are honest, hardworking folks who love a good gathering of people to commune with.  Over the last 12 years, SeaStar has played SO MUCH music!  They have played in bars, coffeehouses, train stations, hardware stores, video arcades, house concerts, big auditoriums, and have toured in eight countries, including Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Poland and Turkey!
SeaStar has performed at Tumbleweed every year since 2014.
Music is medicine in a broken world; SeaStar hopes to continue to raise the vibration and create something beautiful.

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