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Jacquelin Gurung has been singing folk music with her loved ones in Chicago her whole life, with a focus on harmonies.  She would sing at local folk festivals and nursing homes with her family and friends.  She has always had a love for old traditionals, and ballads that are bawdy or end in tragedy.

After she moved to Washington, she stumbled upon the Tumbleweed festival in 2017 and became a yearly kitchen volunteer.  When the pandemic hit, Jacquelin decided to learn how to sing with her clones, because music is an essential vitamin.  She created a YouTube channel and started posting videos of her clones singing traditional folk tunes, rounds, and ballads.  She performed in the Tumbleweed Virtual Music Festival in 2020 and 2021, and is continuing to make more music with her clones in the 2022 virtual Tumbleweed Music Festival.

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