The musical duo JoJo Mac is made up of Corie Sorensen and Steve Mclaughlin.  Both performers have been involved in music since childhood, and it is this lifelong love of music that brought them together (as well as pure dumb luck).

We started our music journey together 3 years ago , in the band Rock & Harmony from La Grande , Oregon.  Circumstances lead to the dissolution of that band, but we chose to develop a duo from that work together. We play a 50/50 mix of soft rock covers, and our original music, which could be described as soft rock/folk/blues with jazz influences.  Original works are by Steve & Corie, and several songs were collaborations with Aaron Thompson. (R&H)

Corie is originaly from Utah, and played flute in her school band from 5th to 10th grade.   She then joined the high school concert choir, the A capella choir, and the Jazz choir!  Three years ago she became the lead vocalist in Rock & Harmony and did a stellar job, especially considering it was her first semi-pro try at performing, as well as writing a song, and doing the vocal arrangements on our original works.

She comes from a long line of musicians, her grandfather being invited to play with the original Sons of The Pioneers, which was sadly interreupted by WWII.  Her father had a degree in music, her sister is a performing vocalist, and her daughter has degrees in music, and has sang with the  Portland Opera .

Steve is from Eastern Oregon, and started out in the school band as well, playing drums and percussion from 5th through 12th grades.  He took guitar lessons at 14, and has played off and on ever since. As a senior, he took piano, also played guitar in the Rock Ensemble class/band.  He has played snare in a Highland Pipe Band in Ashland, Or, drums for a blues/rock band Daisyhead, drums for a blues/rock band The Hellhounds.  Started Rock & Harmony in 2018, and played bass and guitar, as well as managed  that band for 3 years.

We love music, and performing to bring that music to others, in the hope we can make someone’s day a little bit better!

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