Kathy Jonas started out as a 60’s folk singer in the coffeehouses of Berkeley. These days she performs songs as old as the 12th century and as new as yesterday. Her style is calm and thoughtprovoking; some songs being up-beat and some, gentle and hushed. She currently has two CD’s:  Bound Away (2016) and Into the Mystery (2017), with a third CD in the works. In all her music, she has a wonderful way of taking songs from past and present and making them her own.

Kathy and Craig Gurney first met when they shared a table at an open mic. They didn’t realize it at the time, but that was the beginning of their musical partnership. Both are established artists with admirers in their solo fields of folk music and motorcycle poetry. Capitalizing on their mutual respect for each other’s talents, they have recently blended their voices and styles into music for all to enjoy.

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