In Les Strompettes, two hurdy-gurdy divas join forces to weave an eclectic musical tapestry on the looms of long lost civilizations, shrouded in ancient folkloric mystery.

Lira Korbowa and Tiesse di Dj’va play hurdy-gurdies and a stack of other instruments, and have way too much fun. They are, at times, ably supported by “The Drones”: Mickeleen O’Rarity and “Fastfinger” Billy Two Pints, accomplished and fearless musicians with many years of foolhardy adventure behind them and many more, it seems, ahead.

Their not-so-secret alter egos, Felicia Dale & Tania Opland, spend their lives on the road with their respective husbands and music partners (William Pint and Mike Freeman).  After performing in overlapping band line-ups for many years, Felicia and Tania debuted their hurdy-gurdy-based expandable duo in 2018.

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