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Planning Committee 2021

Andrew Meyer, Manger, Uptown Theatre and Lifesaving Resource Supplier
Anne Shcur, Website UX Designer and Survey Coordinator
Chris Glanister, Master of Video, Audio, and Livestreaming
Chris Mesford, Support and Alignment
David Carson, Coordinator
Frank Cuta, 3RFS Secretary and Valued Counsel
Gene Carbaugh, 3RFS Chair
Jim and Terri Andre, Store Coordinators
Jim Honeyman, Workshop Coordinator
Jim Kelly, Former 3RFS Chair and General Support
Jude Noah, Friday Concert Coordinator
Kathryn Nye, Food Vendor Coordinator
Katrina Knight, Newsletter Editor and General Tech Support
Lauren Wanamaker, Social Media Coordinator
Micki Perry, Programming Coordinator
Terri Widergren, Store and Contra Dance Coordinator
Tom Reitter, Cinematographer and Editor Extraordinaire
Trish Daly-Welle, Booster YAY TUMBLEWEED!!

© 2021 Tumbleweed Music Festival - Sponsored by Three Rivers Folklife Society & the City of Richland | Co-sponsored by Northwest Public Broadcasting, OneWorld Telecommunications, Southam Creative, Print Plus, Artmil Design, and Gearhead Grip and Electric.
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