Front Row Seat 2-CD Set Recorded live at 3RFS Concerts


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Front Row Seat is a 2-CD set featuring 31 different performances recorded live at 3RFS Concerts between 1995 and 2006. Performers include: The Cutters; Chuck Pyle; Curtis and Loretta; Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald; Heidi Muller with Janis Carper and Dan Maher; Small Potatoes; Cat Loves Crow; JW Sparrow with Joe Debenedictis; Bill Staines; Shanghaied on the Willamette; David maloney; Linda Waterfall; Ellis; The Cantrells; Joe Jencks; Hank Cramer and The Constellation’s Crew; William Pint and Felicia Dale; David Lanigan and Skweeze the Weezle; Tania Opland and Mike Freeman; Dan Maher with Lotus; Lee Murdock; Hawkeye Herman; Jeff Knoch; Tom Lewis; The Great Sänger & Didele; Atlantic Crossing; and Spinnaker.

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Front row seat

Front Row Seat


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