Ron Dalton recalls that no one touched the old  piano collecting dust with the old newspapers in the basement.  “When Mom transitioned from housewife to a single parent with four kids she could no longer afford the time or energy to pursue the things that made her most happy.”  But when a confused young boy needed it most that upright grand became his companion and collaborator as he entered a world of music.  Together they created a musical bond as they set out on a road of discovery.

A lifetime later, and that piano has morphed into a six string shoulder-slung partner.  Ron spent much time haunting open mics, and any chance to listen and hone his craft.

Grin, grit and gusto best describes the collection of songs that Ron has crafted over the years.  From living portraits to social concerns Ron approaches each topic with skill and sensitivity to grab your arm and pull you in.

“It is an awesome thing to watch the evolution of a song.  It teaches me something new every time.  Most cases a word, phrase or riff and I’m off.  It’s like an emotional connection that makes you feel elated or haunted.”

Ron has honed his musicianship by performing in several musical groups over the years. Vocal Jazz groups The Impressions and Soundsation. Moving on to Congas and percussion with Deb Seymour and the Debonaires.  Playing Drum Kit with G-Cleftones, and Bass with Fine Company.  All the time, he is focused on vocals and harmony.

Performers Bios 2021