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Steve and Kristi Nebel (KNEE-bell) bring passion, finesse, and beauty to their audiences with their songs of social justice, knife-edge observations, stories they have picked up in their travels, and pure, simple love.

They have traveled extensively, having done nine tours in UK folk clubs and festivals and toured the Midwest and East coast.  They have recorded more than ten CDs, mostly of their own songs.

Kristi’s solo CD, for which she was nominated “Western Swing Female Performer of the Year” in 2014, is a combination of traditional western swing and Steve’s Americana songs.

The Nebel’s style is informed by a wealth of experience playing their instruments and lending their voices to the other for a blend that exceeds the sum of two parts.  They are known for their working portrayals of fishermen and common people in Steve’s songwriting.

“Raven Speaks” is a collaboration with Native American poet Duane Niatum.  It is a commentary on global climate change using “Raven” of Native American mythology as a main character in some of the songs, and certainly in Niatum’s poetry.

Their most recent production, “Tandem,” is the sparsest of their recordings and features only the bass guitar, and guitar along with their two voices.

They also work with a third musician as the Americana trio, Cosmo’s Dream ensemble which has toured the UK, and Midwestern US.  They currently reside in Tacoma, WA.

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