The story of Sun Shakers began 6 years ago.

From Ireland, they are a 4-piece originals band who make music which they have coined as ‘psychedelic soul’. Psychedelic soul is a fusion of soul, rock, funk, hip-hop, folk, traditional Irish, electronic and world music. This is very much their USP and this unique sound gives them an authenticity that is not heard as much nowadays.

As a band they have released two records The Union(2016) and Back to Us(2019). Back to Us is the first part of their debut album, with part 2 following in early 2021. To date, singles from this record have reached over 150,000 streams with listeners reaching as far as the USA, Africa, Japan and India.

A touring band, Sun Shakers have spent the past few years perfecting their craft on Irish soil. In 2021, they plan to tour Europe, America, and Canada with the upcoming album.

For more on Sun Shakers please head to their website www.sunshakers.com, or find them on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.

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