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Module Videos

Chris Glanister – Running a Zoom Music Event

Stanislove – Bottleneck Slide Guitar

Patrice Webb – Western Swing for Guitar

Steve Peterson – Lead Guitar Made Easy

Find Your Center Pasco – Flamenco Dance Workshop

Find Your Center Pasco – Capoeira Martial Arts Workshop

Chico Schwall – Chord Science for Songwriters

Sunday Night Concert

Jane Titland Memorial Songwriting Contest Finalists

Friday Night Concert

Saturday Night Concert

Sun Shakers

Heidi Muller and Bob Webb

Dan Maher

Steve & Kristi Nebel

Robin Embry

Thaddeus Spae

Mike Buchman

Betsy Wellings

Released from Quiet

Elbridge Fletcher


Deb Seymour

Mo Mack

Hank Cramer IV


Carl Christensen

Larry Lotz

Kerry Grombacher and Aspen Black Duo

David Prince

Kay Miracle

Badger Mountain Dry Band

Jerry Callahan

The RooTsters

Michael “Hawkeye” Herman

Alan Kausal

Lyle Morse

Troupe du Soleil

Carl Solomon

Eric Herman

Alexander James Adams

Tom Rawson

Cecilia Eng

Chico Schwall

Julie Reddick

The Eyer Family Band

Sam Rasmusson

Dave, the Man With the Big Green Hat

Micki Perry

The Blow-Ins

Tom Lewis

William Pint and Felicia Dale

Les Strompettes

The Whateverly Brothers

David Ingerson

Barbara and David Denz

The Drunken Maidens

Tania Opland and Mike Freeman

Jaquelin and the Clones

Joshua Hope

Fl!p Breskin and Zeke Hoskin

Bella Rosa


Woman Alive

Mark and Cindy Lemaire

Early Birds and the Worms

Michael Henchman

Dan Weber

Megan Cronin

Chris Baron

Wes Weddell

Patrice Webb

Rob Kneisler

Mike Murray

Hank and Claire

Burgundy Pearl


Hank Cramer III

Pennies on the Track

Harmony Ridge

Dan Maher

Mare Wakefield and Nomad


Fine Company


Ocean’s Garden – Justitia

Of Roofs, Genes and Stolen Meanings

Skateboard Gangsta





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