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The Oceans of the World in Song

The music of the sea — maritime music, nautical music. Whether they be contemporary songs with the sea as a theme, ancient ballads of fearsome pirates, or shanties, (or ‘chanties’, if you prefer) the traditional work songs sung aboard the tall ships to organize the labor of the crew enabling small groups of men to accomplish tremendous feats of strength.

Those crews were English, Irish, Welsh, German, French, from the West Indies, The United States and other sea going nations, but the music itself was inspired by the oceans that link all these places together and cover two thirds of our precious planet.  William Pint and Felicia Dale take all of this as a source of inspiration for their music – giving it their own spin.  The result is an unusually energetic and exciting approach to folk music.

William Felicia have boundless enthusiasm for creating music and sharing it with their audience.  Critics have delighted in their recordings and crowds have listened, laughed, shed a tear and sung along with them wherever they have played.

With guitar, hurdy-gurdy, octave mandolin, violin, whistles, harmony, joy and pure energy, Pint and Dale entertain and perhaps enlighten as well, giving listeners an insight into another age. There is humor and drama on a great scale.

The hurdy-gurdy or vielle-à-roue (a rarely seen and heard musical instrument dating from the 12th century) features a keyboard and a cranked wheel. It produces sounds similar to a bagpipe with drones, melody and rhythmic percussion.  Traditionally used in French dance tunes, it is capable of a wide range of musical expression.

William and Felicia record on Waterbug, one of America’s most respected independent labels. At this time they have recorded ten critically acclaimed albums:  Port of Dreams, Hearts of Gold, Round the Corner, When I See Winter Return, Hartwell Horn, White Horses, Seven Seas, The Set of the Sail, Blue Divide, and Midnight on the Seas.  Eight of these albums are devoted to music of the sea, primarily traditional songs from the great Age of Sail.

A concert performance will include traditional and contemporary songs and tunes gathered from their many travels, songs and music from the rich heritage of the sea, and, of course, the inevitable hands-on hurdy-gurdy demonstration to a group of fascinated onlookers.

Lyrics to their recorded songs, reviews, concert tour dates, biographies and additional information can be found at www.pintndale.com.

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